President message

The Moroccan Association for Nuclear Engineering and Reactor Technology (GMTR) is an association (founded in 1999) which brings together university professors & teachers, researchers, engineers and Master & PhD holders in the field of Nuclear Engineering and Reactor Technology working in Moroccan universities, in National Centre for Nuclear Energy, Sciences and Techniques (CNESTEN), in National Electricity Utility (ONEE) and their expatriate counterparts. The GMTR works since its creation, to provide four major objectives:

 - Strengthening the links between its members through meetings, tours, ...
 - Contribute to national debates on whether to introduce nuclear energy in the national energy mix;
 - Contribute to ensuring effective technology watch on nuclear energy in our country;
 - Promote research work undertaken by various research groups at the university and CNESTEN in the field of reactor physics through the organization of scientific conferences nationally and internationally.

 These are very ambitious goals we have set ourselves and to which we operate unpretentious but with determination. Thus we have already organized six national days of reactor physics and three major international conferences of physics and reactor technologies (PHYTRA) organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and of Environment and with the collaboration of CNESTEN. The series of conferences PHYTRA are sponsored by the major nuclear societies in the world (ANS, CNS, AESJ and SFEN) and are now part of "traditional conferences" in the calendar of international conferences on reactor physics and applications.

We wanted to make this website a vector carrying activities related to these objectives by putting online all the services of the association: directory, events, news, publications, and ensuring continuous updating.

Beyond Morocco's reactor physics community, this site is open to our fellow teachers, students and engineers working in areas related directly or indirectly to nuclear. We also hope through this site to be open to all economic actors, and more generally to all those who wish to know us better both nationally and internationally.

 Welcome to our website and good navigation.

                                                                                                              Pr. L. ERRADI
                                                                                                          Chairman of GMTR