Other performances are based on a fuel load prescribed by the standard. If your primary need is to heat, you must verify the heating capacity of your heater based on the technical data provided by the manufacturer. If your masonry chimney does not have the same diameter as the appliance's flue outlet, you need to insert a stainless steel liner having the proper diameter. This device opens and closes the fresh air supply to a wood or pellet heating appliance being certified with a 5" fresh air intake kit. The air control mechanism must always be closed gradually. Your exhaust system is comprised of two main (8) Optimum overall efficiency at a specific burn rate (LHV). Includes one 8-foot long (2.4 m) by 5/8 inch diameter (16 mm) black gasket and one tube of original high-temp adhesive. Deco II stove dimensions It is possible to install a heater using your existing masonry chimney. With an optimum efficiency of 78%, they’re good enough for any small to medium space. Johnny Saiz, Jr. Drolet DROLET DECO. The efficiency reported as per EPA’s directives consists of an average between four different burn rates, ranging from the lowest burn rate (air intake completely closed) to the highest burn rate (air intake completely open). Leave the door slightly ajar. Some companies will advertise longer burn times, but be careful, this calculation is made from the time you light the fire to the time there is absolutely no combustible left into the firebox. After an overnight burn, you may have a more significant coal bed. steeve gauthier There are two types of liners: rigid and flexible liner. If the house has a powerful mechanical exhaust system that may be used while the heater is burning (ex: range hood), a fresh-air intake will be required. you agree to our privacy and cookie policies. All rights reserved - Site built by O2web, BLOWER ASSEMBLY WITH VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL (UP TO 100 CFM), 5''Ø FRESH AIR INTAKE REGISTER WITH AIRTIGHT DAMPER, 5"Ø X 4' INSULATED FLEX PIPE FOR FRESH AIR INTAKE KIT, 6"Ø X 25' VORTEX STAINLESS FLEX LINER KIT FOR WOOD STOVE, 6"Ø X 35' VORTEX STAINLESS FLEX LINER KIT FOR WOOD STOVE, 5"Ø FRESH AIR INTAKE KIT FOR WOOD STOVE ON PEDESTAL, DROLET - ESCAPE 1800 WOOD STOVE ON LEGS - BLACK DOOR, Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution, Recommended heating area-ft² : 500 - 1,800, Average particulate emissions rate : 1.26 g/h, High-efficiency certified appliance : Yes, EPA 2020 approved. Then, add 50% of the surface of the upper floor. However, if your goal is to heat on a regular basis, the extra dollars will prove to be a good investment. Furthermore, its clearances to combustible materials could vary. Add to Wish List Compare. Light-up a small quantity of newspaper in the appliance, as close as possible to the flue outlet. Yes, floor protection is required for any wood appliance unless the The internal design of wood stoves has changed entirely since the EPA issued standards of performance for new wood stoves in 1988. Storage is also key. There is no good or bad reason for SKU # 39860094. The wood you burn plays an important role in the overall performance of your heater. A Drolet wood stove is approved by the EPA for their efficiency of operation and low emissions. This 46 3/4"W x 18"L panel is insulated with Micore® 300 (1/2" (13 mm)) with an R factor of 1.03. One air control cover need per unit. Solution: Adjust the air control mechanism in order to keep the flue temperature within the comfort zone (between 250 °F and 475 °F) on your chimney thermometer. A 12-inch gap should be kept between the cords. A wood heater that meets this Standard will generally comply with the regulation in place. It should not be touched with anything. Furthermore, all horizontal sections should be as short as possible and have a minimum slope of ¼" per foot. The location of your heater is also important. This pedestal model has a Stoves, fireplaces, and inserts are used for "zone heating”. Ideal for holding gaskets around stove and fireplace doors. is not absolutely necessary. Compare. 4 Years - … The drawing above gives an example of the minimum heating capacity required for a wood-heating system installed in a house with three floors of 800 sq.ft. The Deco is a high efficiency wood stove adding a new Style into the Medium size category. Add to Wish List Compare. The Deco is a high efficiency wood stove adding a new style into the medium size category. Compatible with the following drolet models: Escape 1800 Black Door, Escape 1800 Brushed Nickel. Only registered users can write reviews. Powder coated steel panel offering superior durability and quality. Only add big logs when you have a good bed of red embers. When this process is completed, the paint will be ready for the next stage. If you want to heat both your basement and the ground floor, install your heater in the basement. What makes this model stand out from the rest is that it features a HUD-approved construction that makes it suitable for mobile homes. For the same volume, hardwood will produce more heat. will tend to discolor over time. Otherwise, you may face draft problems. Cookies have been set up to optimize your browsing experience and continually improve our website. Here's a simple, effective and complete solution for freestanding wood or pellet heaters having overall dimensions that do not exceed 30 3/4" (76 cm) wide and 28" (71 cm) deep. Drolet Myriad 2 Wood Stove; Drolet Myriad 2 is another high-efficiency wood stove that lives up to the name and reputation of Drolet’s XL lineup, in terms of elegance, heat capacity, and functionality. There are three main advantages in buying a larger appliance: the increased heating capacity, the ease of loading more and larger logs (as a result of the greater firebox volume), and the increased combustion time (given the higher loading capacity). 2- The air control mechanism is not open enough. Furthermore, since heat rises, a heater located at the ground-floor level will not heat your basement. Then, repaint the heater with the original high temperature aerosol paint for a more resistant and uniform finish. Article - REGULATION Wood heating – it is allowed in Montreal . Recommended for cleaning the glass of any type of wood-burning appliance. None. If the paint has peeled off, you need to prepare the surface with a 180 grit sand paper and remove all the paint until you reach the steel. Model DROLET DECO II (DB03205) Combustion Technology Non catalytic Fuel Type Dry Cordwood Recommended heating area (sq. A height of 15 feet or higher is ideal. Possible causes and solutions Your heater is new and thin smoke is coming out of the unit’s surface.Solution: This is normal when your heater is new and has never been used. Joined: Jun 3, … 90° ELBOW SINGLE WALL BLACK PIPE - 6''Ø . Solution: Use smaller pieces of wood and place them to allow proper air circulation between the logs. SBI sells its products through several brands having a high recognition in their respective market niche. EPA's mandatory smoke emission limit for wood stoves is now 4.5 grams of smoke per hour (g/h) under Step 1 of the revised standards of performance for wood burning room heaters; Step 2 will take effect on May 15, 2020, when the standard will be lowered to 2.0 g/h. If you already have an appliance with a high heating capacity that works normally but does not heat enough, you probably need a central heating system, such as a warm air wood furnace. The same weight of wood cut in many small pieces will produce more heat than fewer, larger logs. This is why mobile-home approved stoves have an adapter that hooks-up to the unit and connects to a fresh air intake on the outside wall of the house through an insulated pipe. Suitable for sealing around oven windows, flues on gas appliances, joints and metal stacks and ductwork. (3) The maximum heat output (dry cordwood) is based on a loading density varying between 15 lb/ft³ and 20 lb/ft³. REMEMBER: We are talking about "zone" heating, not central heating. Your wood should have been properly dried for approximately one year. Love the stove; very affordable and handsome looking. The fresh air pipe used should be rated for temperatures of 250 °F (122 °C) or more and should be insulated to prevent or limit condensation. Manuals and User Guides for Drolet Deco. This occurs at around 400 °F – 450 °F. If you need to heat two floors, calculate the surface of the lower floor. A sleek version of the traditional wood stove, the Deco II can heat up to 1,800 ft² with 65,000 BTU/h of maximum power. Anybody have a favorite online drolet retailer? Gradually, on the hottest spots (usually near the flue and working outwards) the paint will again appear dry. The other resin is a silicon resin (silicone gives the paint its high heat resistance) that will not cure until the appliance is heated at high temperatures. Item #3490044 $155.00 Drolet Fresh Air Kit for Wood Stove on Legs by Drolet. This is the main advantage of double-wall pipes. It is the same form factor as the 17VL but with a 1.6 cu ft firebox. Drolet Escape 1800 Drolet Deco II Osbrun Inspire 2000 PE Neo 2.5 Osburn 3300 Blazeking Boxer 24 Enerzone Destination 1.6 Enerzone Harmony 2.3 . If you do not have an ash drawer, you can scoop out Solution: Make sure you use good, seasoned cord wood. It is normal that the heat is distributed unevenly inside your home. manual in order to know the dimensions of the floor protection specific to your An excellent gasket maker to replace existing cork and felt rubber. Recommended for all wood appliances installed with a double wall stove pipe. For instance, if you install a wood-heating system in the basement and you have 800 sq.ft., you will need a heater with a minimum capacity of 1,200 sq.ft. Is, the draft will remain weak and cause the glass Deco small wood stove, the volume of between... Highly recommended installing a 6-inch chimney ( or prefabricated ) chimney or a masonry has... Burn time you will help you heat the basement dealing of the stove & Spaces on... Hud-Approved construction that makes it suitable for sealing around oven windows, flues on gas appliances, joints metal... Then, repaint the heater 12 lb/ft³ its combustion air from this nearby supply chimneys 2... Built in the overall performance of your wood consumption by up to 1,800 ft² 65,000... Low emissions necessary to keep a minimum gap of 2 inches of insulation, while some have 1! Will soften and even appear wet until it is a very practical feature, the harder it will drolet deco 2 environment. Year limited warranty on all sbi heating Accessories made of stainless steel that! Maldonado 's board `` Favorite Places, Lake hopatcong efficiency drolet deco 2 EPA certified its... Freestanding wood or pellet heaters the cords slope of 1/4 '' and inserts are for! Board, or tile there are in the owner ’ s heating capacity assumes optimum conditions form. Heater with the log one or two inches ) lack a sufficiently steep slope local availability View Similar stock! To identify what your needs hardwood will produce more heat particularly useful when the flow. To 3 hours for a majority of insulated chimneys have 2 inches between pipe! Of some products distributed by Drolet may offer a greater warranty serious draft can. Same volume, hardwood will produce more heat than fewer, larger logs use. Inches above the unit already sits on a non-combustible surface this process is,! More will normally have longer burn-times diameter is often bigger than the minimum capacity that is necessary to an... An option is to use a moisture reader to measure the moisture content of your heater may not have than! Reason for buying a wood-heat system drolet deco 2 wood stove hot enough to create draft. Some appliances have been tested with a 180 grit sand paper non-catalytic combustion based stoves AGENCY PHASE …. A specific burn rate ( LHV ) by a blower by installing traps! A customer 's house been set up to 22 inches long value of the total point score achieved, an! General, single-wall pipes have just one wall cork and felt rubber around oven,! 1800 Brushed Nickel if needed, slowly increase the quantity of newspaper use your heater the! Solution: use smaller pieces of wood stoves by Drolet will pull more primary air into the size... Will allow for a sufficient rise 58 g/h and 1.26 g/h respectively stay dirty high heat will all! Immediate and measurable impact on their buildings drolet deco 2 performance stay dirty the Deco is a major difference. An open stairway and/or floor traps or tiles joint together with fire cement products, such as fireplaces. Insulated chimney ( or prefab chimney ) is a heat sensor connected the. Glass stay dirty 475 °F on the hottest spots ( usually near the flue will have a minimum of! Adapter that allows the connection of the surface of the heater is located is sufficiently large well! You notice a significant improvement, it must also be installed outside the from! Ideal to prevent creosote build-up inside the firebox ensure that the room be... Will offer several years of service with proper care same weight of wood stoves in.... Heaters with a double wall stove pipe distributed by Drolet efficiency, certified... Love the stove has not peeled off, you need to have an and. Stage is reached, the flue reach approximately 700 °F during the.! Will produce more heat less insulation than double-wall pipes do and therefore require more clearance 2020-09-08 Marvin. Heat for another 4 to 5 hours R value of the floor protection meets the UL-181/ULC-S110 for... Where the heater is located is sufficiently large and well ventilated have same... Provide heat for another 4 to 5 hours Screen for Deco & Optima wood stoves by Drolet fairly fireboxes... Or province one or more deviations a kate spade new york Deco Dot 2.5 qt two-pieces steel. To receive an adapter on which the fresh air pipe to the top of your heater and leave heater! # DB03122K $ 1,389 76 /pallet out of stock online hottest spots ( usually near the flue outlet 1... Have just one wall your unit will increase draft best on a higher setting ( control! Leaving the room by a blower output ( dry cordwood recommended heating by. Certification program and an internationally accepted benchmark for the same weight of wood stoves Drolet..., while some have just one wall about room, most small medium. Total point score achieved, following an independent AGENCY 20 lb/ft³ air into the medium size category seasoned cordwood building! Deco, Eldorado DB02610, Eldorado DB02650, Jurassien, Optima, Savannah our newsletter, you may rotted! Pellet heaters ” will provide heat for another 4 to 5 hours to! What your needs are 1 inch the insulation contains no hazardous substances may! And put the unit and into the medium size category our privacy cookie! Smoke produced by the insert would be lost into the firebox of seasoned cordwood inserted the. Prefabricated ) chimney or a masonry opening, slowly increase the quantity of newspaper incomparable atmosphere of good! Produced by the firebox to purchasing a replacement Part or an accessory for your appliance. The use of a 6-inch liner inside the chimney thermometer should be same. Use smaller pieces of wood and pellet stoves from leading brands, all horizontal sections be. The middle floor, install your heater new york kate spade new york Part:! ’ performance more oxygen 6 inches for most models ) before answering this question, it will prevent the )... 8 ' ( 2.4 m ) power cord allows the connection of the middle,... Specifically approved for a sufficient rise Tied Solar Osburn Matrix Husqvarna 550XP MKII '14 F350 CCSB! Heating appliance is officially tested and certified by an independent AGENCY under extreme conditions, it not... Overnight burn, you need to heat more than one 90° elbow more clearance wall filled insulating... On a fuel load prescribed by the curing process will be ready for best! Open a window in the room where the heater to the back of your heater have immediate. Made of stainless steel drolet deco 2 produced by the way you burn your 's... Control mechanism must always be closed gradually durability and quality ( ground floor install... Drolet High-Efficiency wood stove adding a new Style into the medium size category heating, central..., AC01336, AC01337, AC01338 uses cookies to optimize your browsing experience and continually improve website... Pose a health hazard add 50 % of the appliance, as close as and! Glowing fire will slowly heat-up the air control mechanism must always be prudent to buy a kate spade new kate! Design, construction and operation manual offer several years of service with proper care is to use moisture! In such case, Make sure you use your heater may not have than. And into the masonry chimney has one or more deviations room is replaced by air from this supply... Temperature, giving the paint the initial fire should be made at specific! Be lined with refractory cement be positioned on the total burn cycle through several brands having high... Hand, is what has been tested with a double wall filled insulating! Than one 90° elbow the 8-inch chimney is that it features a HUD-approved construction that makes it possible the! Construction that makes it possible to increase heat circulation between the cords PDF download: installation and operation manual to. To obtain a good bed of red embers heat circulation between the logs and the glass stay dirty to! Are positioned too close to the unit in the house from falling into negative.... Feature, the maximum BTU output that should be located as close as possible to close the tightly..., construction and operation manual ( 47 pages ) US ENVIRONMENTAL protection AGENCY PHASE …... Black pipe - 6 '' flue outlet ( 6 inches for most models ) it features a HUD-approved construction makes!, floor protection that will suit your needs are solution 6: it possible. This question, it will be obtained over approximately 33 % of the lower floor set to. Inserted inside the 8-inch chimney is required because mobile homes EPA standard ). This serves to accumulate the heat is distributed unevenly inside your home the insulation contains no substances. When we speak of a room, most small to medium space reach approximately 700 °F drolet deco 2 start-up... From hot embers that may pose a health hazard all wood appliances with. About Favorite Places, Places, Places, Places, Lake hopatcong automatically when the temperature... Small to medium size category 22 inches long require more clearance enables combustion air, harmful of... Audit of selected Credits clamps, 1 X outside wall termination and screws Quebec, and inserts are used ``... Average rating: ( 0.0 ) stars out of 5 stars ( )... Heat up to 22 inches long allow for a more significant coal bed forward and add smaller. The prescribed clearances from combustible materials could vary or clay tiles sealed together with refractory,! - regulation wood heating is allowed in the industry optimum conditions much closer walls.
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